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Louisiana Propane Gas Association

The Louisiana Propane Gas Association site is for the non-profit trade association created to promote, protect and encourage the growth of the propane industry in Louisiana. Have a question about your membership, feedback for us, or want more information on how to join? Send us a message below.

    Q1 | How do I become a member?

    You can join by visiting our Join page and selecting the type of membership that relates best to your situation.

    Q2 | How do I know what type of membership to join?

    The membership types available are Dealer, Associate, and Affiliate.

    To join as a Dealer member, you have to hold either a Class 1 or Class 4 dealer license in Louisiana.

    To join as an Associate member, say you do not hold a Dealer license of any class.

    To join as an Affiliate member, you hold a Class 6 or 6x Dealer License or if you do not already fall under the Dealer or Associate member category.

    For more questions on what type of membership fits your situation best, contact us.

    Q3 | Can I advertise in the monthly LPGA newsletter?

    Yes, we have discounted advertising rates for members, but anyone can advertise in our monthly newsletter. To learn more about the rates, visit our Newsletter page.