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Louisiana Propane Gas Association

An association is built by the support and voices of its members. By joining our association, you will gain insight into industry activity across the state as well as nationally. You will have the opportunity to be heard and be a part of all things propane in our state.


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Benefits Of Joining


| Safety Programs

LPGA members may take advantage of propane safety training through the LPGA.


| Emergency Contact Center Discount

LPGA members may register with the Emergency Contact Center at a discounted price. Companies that ship hazardous materials are required by law to have a 24-hour emergency contact in place. LPGA members have the option of using the LPGA-ECC as its 24-hour contact for a fee of $250.00 per year. This is a cost- and time-efficient way of staying in compliance with current regulations. (Non-members may register with the ECC for $500 per year.)


| Publications

Louisiana Propane Gas Newsletter -LPGA members receive LPGA’s monthly e-newsletter, which includes information on safety, legislation and anything else pertinent to the propane industry.

LPGA Directory – LPGA members have access to our digital member directory and their contact information.


| Advertising Discount

LPGA members receive a discount over non-members on advertising in the LPGA newsletter. Advertising in the LPGA newsletter is an efficient and effective way to get your message to those in the propane industry!


| Scholarship

Every year, the LPGA gives a $1000 scholarship to a child of an employee, a spouse of an employee, owner or officer who is currently working in the propane industry and has been employed for no less than one year, and whose company is a member in good standing with the Louisiana Propane Gas Association.

The scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior or student currently enrolled who intends to pursue continuing education through two-year and four-year colleges as well as vocational, technical, and trade school programs. The scholarship funds shall be used towards tuition, books, or room and board expenses.


| Propane Lobbying

The LPGA is dedicated to achieving a favorable regulatory climate for the propane industry. The support of LPGA members helps make things like this happen:

1) The LPGA took the lead in proposing a reduction of the assessment charged to all propane dealers in the state. After extensive research, it was determined that, due to the increased price of gas, the current fees would far exceed the needs of the commission. The LPGA proposed a plan that would have reduced the fees by 15%. After extensive negotiations, the commission finally agreed to a 7.5% reduction which EVERY propane dealer in the state now enjoys.

(2) During the 2008 2nd Extraordinary Session, the LA legislature amended the law allowing for the removal of state sales taxes from the sale of propane to now include ALL persons not be limited to consumer / residential use only.

(3) LPGA Recently Fought Sales and Income Tax increases on Business.

(4) LPGA continues to fight for tax credits on the state and federal levels to make propane and propane autogas affordable choices for consumers. Our efforts over the years have saved dealers literally hundreds of thousands of dollars.

(5) LPGA works with the state LP Gas Commission to ensure that regulatory issues are consistent, viable and necessary for the safe and efficient application of propane for all venues and purposes.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Louisiana Propane Gas Association (LPGA) is to increase awareness of the advantages of propane, to promote its safe use through training, and to achieve a favorable regulatory climate for the propane industry as a whole.