Membership Benefits

• Safety Programs

LPGA members may take advantage of propane safety training through the LPGA.

• Emergency Contact Center Discount

LPGA members may register with the Emergency Contact Center at a discounted price. Companies that ship hazardous materials are required by law to have a 24-hour emergency contact in place. LPGA members have the option of using the LPGA-ECC as its 24-hour contact for a fee of $125.00 per year. This is a cost- and time-efficient way of staying in compliance with current regulations. (Non-members may register with the ECC for $150 per year.)

• Publications

Louisiana Propane Gas Newsletter -LPGA members receive LPGA’s quarterly newsletter and monthly e-newsletter, which includes information on safety, legislation and anything else pertinent to the propane industry.

LPGA Directory -LPGA Members are listed in our online directory of all LPGA members and their contact information.

• Advertising Discount

LPGA members receive a 50 percent discount over non-members on advertising in the LPGA magazine. Advertising in the LPGA magazine is an efficient and effective way to get your message to those in the propane industry!

• CTEP Discount

Members of LPGA receive a discount to attend CTEP.

• Scholarship

Every year, the LPGA gives a $1000 scholarship to a child of an employee, spouse of an employee, employee, employer, owner or officer who is currently working in the propane industry and have been employed for no less than one year, and whose company is a member in good standing in the Louisiana Propane Gas Association.

The scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior, high school or college graduate planning to enroll in college, or a student currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program. The scholarship funds shall be used towards tuition, books, or room and board expenses.

• Propane Lobbying

The LPGA is dedicated to achieving a favorable regulatory climate for the propane industry. The support of LPGA members helps make things like this happen:

(1) During the 1997 Regular Session, the LA legislature passed a law allowing propane dealers to serve on the Louisiana LP Gas Commission. This ensures that those most affected by the regulatory authority retain control over its decisions. Unnecessary emergency fee increases, like the one attempted by Mike Manuel in 1996, should be a thing of the past. Savings: Approximately $200/year

(2) During the 1998 Special Session, the LA legislature passed a law creating the LP Gas Commission Rainy Day Fund. This fund allows fees not spent during a given fiscal year to be rolled over into a “Rainy Day Fund” out of which the commission can make up future budget deficits without having to increase permit fees. Having this fiscal buffer will allow the commission to lower permit fees for all permit holders paying on a percentage basis by as much as 30 percent over the next few years. A fee reduction of 10 percent was instituted by the commission on January 1, 1999 based on savings that will be generated though this Rainy Day Fund. Savings: Approximately $200/year

(3) During the 1999 Regular Session, the LA legislature passed a law exempting propane from DEQ’s Chemical Accident Prevention Program (a.k.a., Risk Management Program). Propane is now the only previously included substance to be exempted from the CAAP. This change will save the industry as a whole approximately $175,000 per year. Savings: $400/bulk facility

(4) During the 1999 Regular Session, the LA legislature passed a law requiring that fees collected in excess of the Rainy Day Fund cap of $250,000, up to a limit of $50,000 per year, be placed into the Market Development Fund. This amounts to a huge new investment of this industry in the future of the propane market, adding an average of $25,000 a year to the Market Development Fund. Investment: Approximately $400/year

(5) During the 2008 Second Special Session, the LA legislature passed a law exempting the state sales tax of business utilities, including $1,000,000 in revenue from the sale of propane. The elimination of the state business utility sales tax was implemented as of July 1, 2008.

Total Investment & Savings: Approximately $1200/year

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